Stog: v DC ~ Nfld ([1836], 1937) for sense 1; cp EDD v1 2 ‘to surfeit with food’ W for sense 3; OED v2 1, EDD v1 1 Bk Ha So D Co for sense 4. 
   1 To fill the chinks in a log-house with moss; to insulate a house; CHINSE. 
   2 To block or clog an aperture; STOP v. 
   3 To fill completely. 
   4 To be stuck in boggy ground or snow. 

You can check the entry over at the Dictionary of Newfoundland English for usage examples. In this case, I am using it in its third sense. (That one empty shelf has a pile o’ mugs on it now.)


In gardening news, I got my fall bulb order! Squee! I expanded the existing flower bed and put in phlox, a bleeding heart, two geranium roots, and scattered clumps of tulips, daffodils, crocus, and glory of the snow. I still have some daffs and a bleeding heart left; they’ll be put in the back yard somewhere. Probably under the tree my hammock is in. And that’ll be it for flower-related stuff until probably June or so. There will be some spaces to fill in the bed, but I haven’t decided yet what I want to put in there. I’ll just wait and see how much space the existing things take up and make a decision later.

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