New Year, New Body


I’ve been wanting to use a white clay body for my robot line since I started making them, but haven’t. I used the PSH cream stoneware. It’s softer than their white stoneware, which made it easier on my wrists. And because it’s not a stark white, it made contamination with the other clay bodies in use in a community studio waaaaay less obvious.

But I’ve been in my own space now for over a year, and making the switch was getting appealing. I’m using drawing and sgraffito more and more, and the sharper color contrast of a white body would be really nice. Plus, it should make the underglaze colours brighter.

So when I put in my fall clay order, I asked for porcelain. It’s a little trickier to throw, but it’s very white and very soft once you get it moving. I’m enjoying the change so far.

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