Glaze Test: Surf

I had a new glaze variation in my last kiln firing!


Not sure exactly where I came across this formula, so apologies for the lack of attribution, but here it is in case anyone else wants to play with it:

Cone six, opaque matte.

34 nepheline syenite
16 dolomite
7 calcium carb
18 epk
5 zinc oxide

The original recipe says to add 2 bentonite, 0.5 copper carb, and 1 cobalt carb. I’ve never actually seen what that looks like; the pieces up there have 2 bentonite and 1 copper carb, which gives that greenish greyish not-quite turquoise. The only other version I’ve tried had 2 bentonite, 0.5 cobalt, and 1 copper carb, and that gave a very muted, greyish blue that could go very slightly bright sky blue where it pooled.

I discovered it crawls like crazy if you apply it thick with my clear over top, but that’s not unusual. I’ll just slap it on thinner next time.

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