Sophia Meyer

Margot Meyer was the first studio potter in Newfoundland. She taught a mess of people the trade, and her daughter, Sophia, followed her into ceramics. She carried on her mother’s  traditional German designs, but also branched out into her own thing. They both died too early, Margot several years ago, and Sophia in 2012.

Sophia left behind a few boxes of bisqueware, which her daughters donated to the craft council clay studio. They figured it would be used for practice pieces or teaching aids. It’s actually going to be used for something more exciting: one last show.

Potters who knew Margot and Sophia were invited to glaze the last pieces, and at the end of the month, there will be a tribute show in the craft council gallery.

So that’s where I was Sunday morning: glazing a dead potter’s work. It was spooky. I never met Margot, but I was just beginning my career when Sophia was slowing down, and being able to chat and watch her throw at the folk festival had an impact on me, how I work, and how I feel about clay. I kept having ideas about how to glaze things, and hesitating, wondering if she or her daughters would like the idea. I felt a certain weight of responsibility.

At some point in the morning, two of her daughters came by. They talked about their family, and glazed some pieces of their own, and it all got a lot easier then to let the ideas flow. I glazed just over a dozen pieces, by the end.

I really hope they turn out well.



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