So I finally got around to breaking out the screenwriting gear this week. On Monday I exposed two sheets from that EZ Screen place. I don’t own a working printer, so I tried just drawing on paper and leaving things in the sun for a super long exposure time. That sort of worked, in that the emulsion under the lines definitely rinsed out faster than the emulsion on the rest of the sheet, but the rest of the emulsion was also not terribly interested in staying put, and most of it also rinsed away. It might have worked if I’d exposed it for longer than 15 minutes, and not soaked the sheet as instructed afterwards, or at least not soaked for as long.

For take two, I tried drawing directly on the transparency with a marker. It worked great! Just be careful how you handle the sheet, because the ink will smudge easily. So I have one usable screen.


I tried to cram as many doodles on as I could…

This morning I’m trying it out.


The lines are a little blurrier than I’d like, but that’s probably my inexperience at fault, not the screen. I’ll have to do touchups on every piece, but I’ll still be spending less time putting designs on than if I were using Mishima (or even just my trusty old squeeze bottle), so that’s awesome. And there’s waaaaaaaaay less underglaze lost to wastage. No wrist strain, which is fabulous, but my neck and back are not particularly happy with the contorsions I’ve put them through, so an adjustable stool and a decorating wheel have migrated from my list of NiceToHaveStudioGear to the list of MustHaveStudioGear. Will have to order them when I get my clay this spring.

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