This window is the sunniest one in the house. At this time last year, I was using the room for laundry and throwing. I had some cheap old bookcases under the window for pots, and cups full of seedlings across the top of the shelves, waiting for June so I could plant them out.[1]

Now, the spot where I had my wheel has a kiln on it. The studio expanded into the adjoining bedroom, where my wheel and slabroller and lots of modular shelving live. There’s been nothing under the window in ages but a cardboard box with some brackets in it, and that ain’t tall enough for seedlings to get any kind of sun. So I stacked up two towers of kitty litter buckets [2], laid a nice wide shelf over them, and restarted my studio plant nursery. Assuming all goes well, those cups are the beginnings of tomatoes, ground cherries, red currants, gooseberries, and grapes.

Just because it’s blizzarding out there is no reason to think summer’s never coming.

[1] I had to put them on the floor when I did the laundry. The spin cycle on the washing machine would shake the room so hard that they’d fall over if I didn’t.

[2] Kitty litter buckets are awesome for glaze and clay scrap storage. Large, lidded, handled, and stackable. And hardly wobble at all when the spin cycle comes on.

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