Looking to the Future

I’ve just written my first marketing plan. It’s a hoop to jump through for funding big projects down the line, but it’s also a good exercise in planning. (Which I suppose is why it’s one of the hoops…) Sales goals and marketing goals and how to achieve them. All that good stuff…

I’m hoping to be accepted for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto this November. I don’t know if I’ll get in, and the up-front expense of getting me and my work there is SCARY, but I feel like it’s an important step to take. It’ll get me little bit off the island, let me start up a new fan base. All that good and necessary stuff. It’s just such an immense investment of time and money and stock. I actually started making work for it back in January, because I knew the size of this project would be huge, but actually crunching numbers today really drove it home.

I sat down for some inventory, and somewhat miraculously, there’s enough stockpiled now to cover the cost. Now I just have to start working on my profit…

1 thought on “Looking to the Future”

  1. I wish you the best Maaike and if you ever need a hand with the books, don’t forget that you have an old friend who’s now in the accounting field. ^.^

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