Sci Fi on the Rock

The annual Sci Fi convention was this weekend. I always miss two days thanks to work schedules, but I got to go on Sunday. Sat in on the zombie survival panel, a talk by Aron Rosenberg (Nog from DS9), a presentation by a Finnish PhD student on immortality in Doctor Who, and, of course, the costume contest. (My friend Amanda won runner-up for her Silent Hill nurse outfit.[1])


The con was two rooms and a Start Trek quiz when I first started going. It’s grown so much that there’s talk of needing a bigger venue. This year, there were so many people that they couldn’t all fit into the rooms for most panels. The costume contest was so popular that every hallway of the Holiday Inn turned into a giant catwalk network so that everyone would have a chance to see the costumes. This is very exciting.

[1] Google them yourself; I’m too creeped out to get you the link.

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