It snowed this morning. Just a little. Just enough to make me stompy and grumbly on my walk to work. But the sun was out and I had to begrudgingly admit it was a beautiful day. And then I took a long stroll for wool [1], and I cut through Victoria Park on the way home, and there a magnolia blooming.

No matter how many flurries we’ve had and how cold it’s been, spring is stocking around. Even for flowers that aren’t even supposed to survive here.


[1] I had a bike crash this week, and have been taking it easy with gardening and pottery to help my shoulders and legs heal. Which has meant filling my time with other creative things, like knitting.

1 thought on “Magnolia”

  1. “Stompy”. If it isn’t already in the dictionary, it ought to be. Also, does the magnolia have a pleasant scent? Don’t think I’ve ever had an opportunity to find out for myself. Sorry to hear you injured yourself – get fully well soon.

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