Melons are a tropical fruit. They like it hot, and Newfoundland is not hot. Nevertheless, last year I tried to grow some. I picked a variety that is supposed to do well in a short growing season, and sprouted seeds indoors, and dutifully waited until after the frost date to put them out… And the wee sprouts just sorry of huddled in the cold and damp for a week and that was that. They didn’t get any bigger, they didn’t bloom, and they certainly did not produce melons. Not even when the summer eventually became the hottest, gloriousest one in the entirety of history.

So this year, I tried again, but I waited until July to set out my seedlings and have the roots covered in dark plastic in the hope that they’ll be warm enough under there to make up for any less-than-warm weather. And the wee sprouts have turned into slightly less wee vines, and have even started blooming.


I have high hopes…

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