Moving On, Moving Along

Well, the Folk Festival happened. It was rained out for half a session, and lightninged out for the next, but it was survived. The wee whiskey cups proved popular, and my Christmas production schedule has been adjusted to fit them in.

Yes, Christmas production has started. (Really, it started sometime in January or February…) I’m trying to figure out booth display ideas, for the Christmas Craft Fair in St. John’s and for the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto. (And, ideally, every other fair I do for a long long time.) The booth has to be modular, has to be considerably more lightweight than the one I have now[1], and has to be sturdy enough to hold several thousand dollars worth of pottery. So I’ve been looking at pics and videos and carpentry how-tos.[2]

Simon Leech has a video with a fantabulous idea in it:

And googling “OOAK show display” has also been helpful:

And I still need to figure out how to work in a hard wall or three for tiles, but I think I can just slap together a frame and some sort of back and screw it to the shelves and maybe that will do the trick…

[1] Which was given to me by the fantastic Janet Davis, and built by her fella. It has served me well, in all its sturdy clapboard glory, but it is approximately half a shed. I need something just as sturdy, but much lighter, and put-togetherable by one person.

[2] I do not have a large store of carpentry tools. Or knowledge. Or experience. There have been a LOT of how-tos in my evening, but the sinking feeling that viewing same may not be enough to magically produce a professional-looking booth has been lurking around the edges of my brain… I may need to ask someone for help with this.

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