Classes at TJ’s Old Place!



Myself and Jason are excited to start this new teaching and production studio at TJ’s Old Place.  Right now we’re offering two evening beginner classes. Don’t let that fool you. We’ll teach as much as possible, we just need to hear from you.  Let us know what evenings work for you. We only need 8 people to put on another beginner class. We offer private lessons and can probably work something out for a small group.  This is going to be a lot of fun; come play!


Maaike Charron is a production potter and a wizard on the wheel.  You have probably fallen in love with her Robot and dinosaur characters over the years.  She 12 years experience potting, and 8 years teaching at the Craft Council Clay studio. She’s excited to share her skills and love of clay.


Jason Holley has been a full time craftsperson for 17 years.  Known as a maker of chainmaille in a surprising number of styles and materials, his sculpture has been exhibited and collected internationally.  Working in clay since ‘04, Jason is an accomplished handbuilder, whose enthusiasm for ceramics in all its forms know no bounds.


– Intro
 We designed our intro class to cover a lot in 8 weeks.  You will have ½ a class practicing on the wheel EVERY CLASS.  The other ½ will be spent learning a little bit about other ways we work with clay; pinch pots, slabs, coils, pulling handles, and surface decoration.

Every intro class ends with a Raku firing on a beach.  Raku is fun.

Two instructors.
Maximum 8 students.
$320 – Includes all materials needed for class

8 weeks starting Wednesday September 12th

No problem if you have to miss a couple of evenings, we do make-up classes.


– Intermediate
If you haven’t taken an intro class from us, please visit the studio and introduce yourself.  We want to make sure everyone is in the right spot.

For us, intermediate is about refinement.  Classes will follow the same format as the intro with hand building and wheel work in equal measure.  We encourage intermediate students to set some of their own challenges. We can change things up to help everyone, but we have plenty of challenges in mind if you’d prefer.  Oh yeah, there will be glaze!

Two instructors.
Maximum 8 students.
$320 – Includes all materials needed for class

8 weeks starting Wednesday September 12th

No problem if you have to miss a couple evenings, we do make-up classes.


– The 100 Cylinder Challenge –  Contact us for more information, we can only accomodate a few of these at a time.

The pottery wheel will help create forms of all shapes and sizes with speed and precision…. if you have the skills. The 100 Cylinder Challenge will allow students time and focus to improve their wheelwork dramatically. There are two options for this class:

Boot camp – 10 days at one hour per day. Throw ten cylinders each day. $600 for 10 hrs of private instruction, and 100lbs of clay.


At your own pace.  Come in when you have the time, preferably one or two times per week.  Take instruction when you need it, work independently as you feel the need.  $250 – $600

The 100 Challenge is flexible, and suitable for potters of any skill level.  Beginners have seen significant progress. Experienced potters may choose their own variations.  Throwing larger, or developing a new form, for instance.

Private lessons –

$40 per hour ($5 per hour to practice in the studio after a lesson)

$25 for 5kg of clay (clay prices include firing and glazing)


Sometimes one on one instruction is the best way to get over a hurdle, tackle a specific project, or refine a favorite technique.  Send a message or drop by for a visit, we can talk about what you have in mind and how we can best get you there.

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