Hey Kid. Wanna Make Some Pots?

Me and Jason have been cooking up some exciting plans this spring. Starting Tuesday, April 24th, we’ll be offering ceramics classes out of the Spencer Street studio (where TJ’s Place used to be).

Our intro class is eight weeks long, 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Every evening you’ll work on a wheel project with me, and a handbuilding project with Jason. We’ll end the class with a raku firing, because we like the idea of going out with a (probably metaphorical) bang.

Contact me for full curriculum details and to sign your lovely selves up. We can accommodate six people per class, and will also be starting Thursday classes as interest grows. Tell your friends, and bring them along!

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Prep Work

I’m on the last stretch of prep work for the provincial Craft & Gift Wholesale Show this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces (and a few new ones).

It’s a surprisingly introspective process. Someone always asks, “What’s new this year?” and it makes me reflect on all the changes my work has gone through in the previous year… I’ve experimented with glaze chemistry, and landed on colour/texture combos I’m very happy with. I’ve changed the way I make handles. I’ve gotten better at throwing big teapots. I’ve really dialed in the proportions between body size, handle width, and handle thickness. I’ve refined my feet, and then refined them again a few months later. I’ve changed the way I draw my flowers.

A lot’s new, basically.

Provincial Wholesale Show

After a busy winter of house renos and pottering, I’ll be bringing Robot to the NL Provincial Craft Wholesale Show this weekend.

I’ll also be bringing along my new sgraffito lines… After about a year of testing and adjusting, I’ve finally got the designs and colours the way I want them. I’m eager to set them loose on the world.

Finished Prototypes!


So I’ve had a hankering for something different. Here are some prototypes I’ve been working on. The cream on white sgraffito cup on the far right didn’t really work (the slip needs a little more iron or something), but the black and white one with the matte turquoise glaze did. I love the look of that glaze, and the way it interacts with my clear, but putting that design into production would mean investing space into material storage, and i don’t really have the room right now.

The other three cups have the very real advantage of being made with materials I’ve already got on hand, so I may end up going with them in the long run…