I’m on a cthonic spree today. I’ve been doodling mugs with tentacle handles, and jars with octopussies for knobs… There may be a product line at the end of all this, or there may not. We’ll see. I think I’ll make a few testers on Friday, just to get a more concrete feel for the ideas. I need to work out the bottoms[1], but I have the general shapes decided on.

I have an idea for a glaze I could use, too. It’s a recipe that’s been kicking around the studio for yonks, and I’ve always had good results when I’ve used it. It’s a satin matte blue, that turns glossy (but still blue) when it breaks. If I take out the cobalt, and maybe fiddle around a little, it should be a great matte white or cream, and would look good over the textured parts of the tentacles.

[1] To trim or not to trim–that is the question. And if yes, what shape to trim.

EDIT: Oh yeah. No clay.

Well, bum.

Maybe there’ll be some reclaim mixed up by then…

Potential submission



Porcelain, thrown and altered. I’m thinking a clear glaze, and “Cupped” or “hands of the Maker” for a title. I like the pun potential of “Cupped”, but they’re going to be more the size of small bowls, so maybe the other would be a better option.

I’d also like to try out a pair of eyeglasses (again, clear glaze over thrown and altered porcelain), if I can get the eyelashes to work. They’ll be round drinking glasses, but when you look inside there’ll be an inverted eyeball staring back out. Geddit? Eh? Eh?

We’ll see how it goes.