I was glazing this week, and felt like cracking out the greyscale crewelwork idea I was playing around with last spring. Here it is again… This time the footrim on the bowl is different… a little more elegant, and much fancier-looking. I brushed on the black outline rather than use the squeeze bottle; this gave me less splooginess in the line, but I think I should have gone over it a second time. Up close, the black looks washed out next to the grey infill, which got two coats.

And I used a matte turquoise glaze on the inside instead of underglaze and glossy clear. I put the matte right around the rim, to see what it looks like dripping down over the design on the outside. Can’t say I like it that much. I think I’d much prefer the colour firmly on the inside, and only greys and black on the outside.