Christmas Holidays!

I am on holiday until January 3rd. Wee!

There was Christmas, which came with parties and music and foooood. Also, books. Which I must now add to my list of Things To Turn Into Teacups, but I don’t mind because they are all lovely books so far.

Right now I’m visiting some friends, Jason and Roz. We came out on the 27th, and so far I’ve made some stamps from textured glass in their kitchen and attic, planned a gingerbread Gothic cathedral[1], started another teacup[2], and played around with their jewelry tools. I have my appollonian gasket pendant planned out and all the pieces cut out, and several of the pieces have holes and such drilled into them so I can make the scraps into jewelry as well. And tonight or tomorrow, I will get to try my hand at enamelling for the first time. I am so excited I could burst.

[1] You know it’s a Gothic one because of the flying buttresses.

[2] There’s a Neil Gaiman anthology of short stories and poetry called Fragile Things[3], and a few days ago I was thinking of NCECA and the things I learned there, and happened to remember a lecture on slip-dipping by two grad students who make installations out of clay-permeated textiles and fibres. So last night, while we watched a movie[4], I crocheted a lace teacup. And today I stuffed it into a bucket of porcelain slip that Jason had kicking around for reasons slightly mysterious to me. And at some point I hope to have a very fragile lace porcelain teacup.

[3] Astute readers may have noticed that I now have three Neil Gaiman books translated/translating into teacup form. This is because I have a lot of his work. He writes amazing, wonderful, occasionally creepy but always satisfying stories, and I recommend you check him out.

[4] Dodgeball.

Day Off

Had the day off work today, so I went to work… Between nine and two I…

Trimmed and be-tentacled the two big bowls (they took longer to dry than I thought they would… oh well, they’re done now), threw a dozen mugs, put the last touches on the previous round of mugs and set them on the to-be-bisqued shelf, checked my Super Secret Projects (they’re drying nicely; no signs of trouble at the joins, and the handles haven’t drooped or warped), unloaded yesterday’s bisque kiln, realised it was past lunchtime and broke into the gallery upstairs for the last of the apple juice and some salsa[1], glazed some mugs and the first pate dishes, loaded said mugs and dishes into the big kiln for the glaze firing tomorrow, mopped up and left.

Will be at the studio again tomorrow, at Ohgawd o’clock in the morning, helping to move 5000 pounds of clay and other materials from the long-awaited truck into the studio.

[1] The apple juice was leftover from some show opening, the salsa was actually mine. I was expecting there to be tostitos to go with it, but I guess someone else ate them already. Whatever. It kept me going the last hour I had to be there.[2]

[2] Then I went to Auntie Crae’s for real food.