He’s Lucky He’s Cute

The Bonavista Social Club’s Garlic Festival is this weekend! I went last year and it was amaaaaaazing, and I recommend making the trip out to Amherst Cove to everybody who can possibly do so. I promise tastiness, good people, and fun times. Gardening talks, edibles hikes, and even a demonstration raku firing.


I won’t make it this year, because Eliu decided last night that he would be shoring up his record for Most Vet Bills In One Year[1] and I am nervous about leaving him in other people’s care for the next few days. But everybody else should go.




[1] Partial urinary blockage. He’s got crystals, and is now on antibiotics and special food. 


I seem to have acquired a new cat. A co-worker found her around the family cabin up Salmonier Line, matted and hungry. She’s been brushed down and fed up, but the co-worker already has a dog, a turtle, and four cats, so she was looking for another home and/or the original owners.

And, well, I’d been thinking about getting a third, or getting into fostering, or something, and there she was… And just after I took her home, the owners were found. And they don’t want her back. The cat was inherited from a dying aunt, and they’re “not really cat people”, and she’s been kept at the cabin for three years with food and not much else, so to be honest I’m glad they don’t want her back.


She’s currently in quarantine in my spare bedroom, pending a vet visit tomorrow. If she turns out to have nothing contagious, I’ll start the introductions to the two existing feline residents sometime in the next week. (If she does have FIV or something, she’ll need a home with no other cats, and I won’t be able to keep her.)

I’ve been calling her Margery, after Margery Kempe, one of the most remarkably and persistently insane authors of medieval England.

Adventures in Outer Space

Eliu went outside for the first time today. The first foray, myself and the husband were hovering anxiously nearby, and didn’t last very long. He sniffed around the side of the house a bit, poked around under the porch, and was startled by a puddle[1]. When he started wandering farther afield, we scooped him up and brought him indoors for a bit (where he vigorously protested the interruption of his explorations).

I went out for a few errands, came back, and decided to let him out again. This time I hovered by the window, and he stayed closer to the house. Moussa also watched, and when Eliu started darting further afield, he followed him. At one point, Eliu got out of view. I called him, and Mousa herded him back to our yard. Then I went out, and we spent about half an hour playing together in the yard. Eliu chased some leaves, and stalked some rocks, and ran away from a plane[2].

I’m nervous of letting him outside at all, to be honest. But. Off he’ll go.

[1] He’s fine with puddles in the bathtub, so I don’t think it’s the wet that bothered him. Probably more the temperature.

[2] He’s been making hunting chatter when planes fly by overhead, which is pretty often considering we’re on the approach route to the airport. I guess seeing (and hearing) the things go by without a house around him for cover is a wee bit intimidating.

Because I Can

Playing around.

Kitten continues to grow. Also, to find new and interesting things to destroy. His latest hobbies are jumping in the shower to hunt the water (and jumping back out when the water fights back) and methodically pulling every tissue out of the box to make himself a little nest. And then shredding the nest.

Newton Gimmick

Still not posting much. Still blaming it on cats. Specifically, this one:

I was walking home from Sobeys the other night, and came across this fellow. I called him over to say hello, and noticed he was walking funny. When he got closer, saw he was hobbling along with his front left paw bent in and a giant red patch on his wrist. In the dark, I thought he was missing a big chunk of skin and muscle.

Picked him up, marched up the street, and stuffed him in a carrier. Had husband call emergency vet while I went back to retrieve the groceries. Took him in to the emergency vet, on presumption he needed emergency treatment. Vet said no, it’s an old injury, and the skin is more or less intact; he’s been just walking like this so long he’s worn a bald patch through the fur, and it’s red because it’s infected. Was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and told to come back the next day for x-rays of presumed broken bones.

Next day, got x-rays. Nothing’s broken. Yay! Possible causes of leg weirdness: deformity (unlikely), nerve damage, or swelling in joint (aggravated by cat walking on joint). Cat to stay on meds, get kitty physio a few times a day. If we’re lucky, he’ll be able to walk more or less normally eventually. If not, worst that will happen is he’ll keep hobbling, and a callous will form on the new pressure point.

Cat has also been adopted[1] by a friend, so I get to visit him. Which is great, because he’s an incredibly friendly and cuddly animal, and I’d like to keep in touch. His name may or may not be Newton Gimmick.

[1] Well, fostered. If we fail to find the original owners, he’ll be adopted.


This is Eliu. He is ten weeks old.

You can blame post-fair orders and a new kitten for the recent lack of online presence.

Moussa, the big cat, is ecstatic to have someone to play with again. When we brought the kitten home, we put him in the bathroom, because The Experts say you have to keep new cats separate from entrenched ones until the parties have reached some sort of trans-door entente cordiale, at which point territorial negotiations can begin in earnest. Typically this is supposed to take a few days, or even weeks for particularly recalcitrant cases. Moussa, who clearly has never spoken to An Expert, spent an hour or two on the other side of the bathroom door, chirping friendlily. When this failed to bring about first contact, he ran off, got a toy, and stuffed it under the door.

At that point we decided keeping them separate was a little silly. We opened the door. The kitten was taken aback by Moussa’s sheer enthusiasm and guargantuanness, which I think hurt Moussa’s feelings, but they came to an understanding pretty quickly. By Day Two, Eliu was allowing Moussa to groom him, and by Day Three he was cuddling up to him at naptime. We’re on Day Five now, and Eliu hasn’t hissed once, even when Moussa ambushed him from behind the couch.


Only two more sleeps till Fresh Fish! This was my living room last night. (Cat included for scale.)

I brought out every box of pottery, electrical cords, and lights that I have, and went through them. Organized pottery by lines, put all the booth and selling stuff (invoice book, pens, price tags) together. Threw out all the crumpled newspaper and bubblewrap that wasn’t actually around anything. Repacked it all so there are no more half-empty boxes taking up room. In the end, I got the total volume of pottery-related stuff down by half.

(Oh, alright, the cat’s included for cuteness, too.)