Cephalopot Teapod

I have two teasets to make; one for commission and one for a wedding present. Six teacups each, two cream and sugar sets, and two extra large teapots. One set will be the usual cephalopot speckled beigey colour; the other may end up Cthulhu green or something. We’ll see what the happy couple decide.

Glaze Update

Here’s the big bug bowl:


Loooots of blue in the bottom. A bit too much, actually; the spider who made the web is so covered up you can’t see it. And while a little blue is nice, quite that much can be really distracting combined with the put-in-on-purpose design. But hey, the customer liked it, so that’s okay.

I also had a large cephalopot bowl bowl in that firing, but it didn’t turn out nearly so well:



Something terrible has been happening at the bottom of my glaze bucket. From the look of it, and the state of this bowl, I’m guessing some of the refractory ingredients are separating out of the solution and settling at the bottom. You can’t really make it out in the picture, but the inside of that bowl is so rough I don’t even think it’s foodsafe. And since there aren’t as many refractories on the outside section (where the glaze was poured over, instead of poured in and swished around), the melt there is drippier, and the colour is a lot darker.

I’m going to re-sieve the glaze, and add some epsom salts, and hopefully that’ll fix things. If it doesn’t, something else is happening in there, and I’ll have to figure out what.

In the meantime, at least now my Christmas cactus has a big new pot…


Folk Fest prep is just about over; all I have to do is let the last glaze kiln cool down and unload it tomorrow. (And pack it up, and take it home, and consolidate it with the rest of the boxes and my display stuff and set it all up Friday at Bannerman Park, but that bit’s *easy*.)

The big cephalopot salad bowl sold last week, which was exciting; there’s another one in this firing to replace it. I’ll have to have a few of those on hand at all times next wedding season, methinks.


All Folk Fest mugs are green and/or being bisqued tomorrow. So are the two cephalopot serving bowls, and the Super Secret Project. Still to do:

cream and sugar sets (6 cephalopot, 4 bug)
half dozen teacups (bug)
dozen teacups (cephalopot)?
half dozen cephalopot cereal bowls
dozen cephalopot pate dishes
cephalopot serving platter?

Also, assemble latest bug teapot, and put handles on the half dozen teacups that are already thrown.


Proto-pate dishes are in the kiln for their bisque today. The accompanying pate knives I ordered showed up in the mail, too.[1] I can’t wait to glaze them and see how they turn out!

[1] Ordered from PSH about half an hour before I found out about their delivery fuckwittery. If I’d known sooner, I would have ordered the uglier ones from Tucker’s. Just out of spite.[2]

[2] No, the studio’s clay order still hasn’t arrived. Am I still angry? Yes. The only thing keeping my head from exploding right now is the clay I bummed off Peter last week.

Adding Volume

There’s a girl who comes to the studio a lot, who keeps telling me that I’m an amazing thrower and she can’t imagine getting as good as me, I must be so talented, blah blah blah. This blows my mind, because I really don’t think of myself that way… especially not when I’m watching her at the wheel. She’s been using the studio for half as long as I have, but she developed good technique a lot faster, and she’s been throwing big, ambitious things almost from day one. I’ve spent most of my time on small, manageable things–timidly sticking to mugs and teacups, and only rarely venturing into bigger items. Even my teapots are small, one- or two-cup affairs.

So I’m very proud of myself today:



Six and three pounds; thrown, destroyed, re-wedged and re-thrown twice each. But they’re made, and well-centred, and I’m happy. Would’ve refined the shape of the big one a little more, but the lip was threatening to fall over (again), so I left it alone. Will trim and add tentacles tomorrow.


Cephalopots Mark 1 are all fired up, and deployed in the Craft Council Shop.


I’m fairly happy with them, but will tweak the handle in the next run. I’m not entirely happy with the way the suckers rest against my fingers when I pick them up. (Two people agree with me that it’s awkward, two people say it isn’t. The two groups have entirely different mug-holding techniques; I think that’s the difference, more than any faults/virtues of the handles themselves.)

The bowl turned out perfect, though, so that’s getting scaled up to serving bowl and platter size as soon as I get my hands on another bag of reclaim. (Which we’re out of *again*. That shipment better come in soon.)




The first cephalopots[1] are good to go. They’ve got a slightly modified version of the glaze on the third tile from the last post; same amount of colourant, and a wee bump in the refractories. Should give a smoother surface than the original recipe, without making it runny. I’ll take another picture when they come out of the kiln.

[1] And one Cthulhu mug, requested by my husband for his birthday. Jesse’s Green layered over Alkaline Green.


Got a new card reader, so you get a picspam post today.

First, that third cephalopot glaze test is out of the kiln. Here’s the three of them together:


I like the one on the end the most. May bring the fluxes back down a wee bit, though; it’s a tad runny.

And here are those tea bowls, all finished:


I didn’t have my notebook with me when I made them, and accidentally used a third less clay than usual. They came out the same size, though, or very near… I knew my throwing skills had improved over the last year, but I didn’t think there was *that* much of a difference. Cripes.

The hoya in the studio is in bloom. It’s the same cultivar as my grandmother’s, who got hers from a cutting off her mother’s plant, which started as a cutting from the hoya in the garden in Indonesia. The smell always reminds me of my Oma.


Aaaaand, last but not least, cephalopot cream and sugar set!




Might even out the size of the tentacles in later incarnations. Or I might just leave ’em all different. We’ll see.