My friend Roz came over last night with a bottle of chocolate port and a bag of fabric and buttons, and we made little bird ornaments. I made some sitting ones, and she made two singing ones, with accompanying music notes. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to leave mine as they are or add some sort of hanging doohickey. We’ll see.

They’re super easy to make, if you’re feeling inclined yourself. Just draw out the outline of a bird, use that as a template to cut out some birdy shapes. (If you use pinking shears, the fabric won’t fray.) Sew birdy shapes together; stuff with scraps. Add wings, feathers, eyes, etc. as the desire strikes.

Christmas Dinosaurs!

Dinornaments coming soon to Model Citizens and the Anna Templeton Centre’s Tea and Sale. Available beasties will be brontosaurus, triceratops[1], and raptor (or possibly it’s a deinonychus… it’s hard to tell with that cookie cutter). I’m also making some hearts, because I’m a sap and I figure lots of other people are, too.

Still undecided about how (or if) to glaze them. Last year I made a bunch as presents; I just slapped some pink underglaze on the unstamped sides of the hearts, and painted little hearts on the dinosaurs. I may do that again, but in red, since I have it kicking around. And maybe some of the dinos can be all red or green… we’ll see.

[1] May not have existed! First they demote Pluto from planethood, then they tell me my favourite dinosaur might just be a juvenile version of something else. I don’t know what the world is coming to…

Time for a Rest

The last firing before Christmas went off without incident last night. Everything was unloaded this afternoon, and deliveries are happening this evening and tomorrow.

After the deliveries have been dropped off, my plan is to sit on the couch with some hot chocolate and a bottle of Bailey’s, do some reading, and watch some movies[1]. I have a duck thawing, which I have been waiting to eat for a long time now and am looking forward to roasting, and I will have shortbread and mandarin oranges and fancy cheese and crackers and pickles. And I will not set foot in the studio or the shop for DAYS. And it will be glorious.

And when I finally do go back to the studio, I will not launch straight into production, but will pootle around with some ideas I’ve had percolating for the last few months. All those things the twin pressure cookers of orders and fairs created in my head, but didn’t leave time for.

[1] Terry Pratchett’s “Hogfather”, the good Doctor Who Christmas specials[2], and, if I have time, the old How the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon.

[2] Specifically, the one with the Titanic (in space) and last year’s two-parter with sexy!Rassilon[3].

[3] Sure, he’s a psychotic loon, but he’s played by Timothy Dalton. Timothy Dalton!