Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City

Columbia Restaurant Tile Staircase Ybor Tampa

One of the things that struck me in Florida was the potential of ceramic wall art. I mean, sure, tiles have been kind of hovering in the background for years. I know they exist, and I know you can make beautiful things with them, but I’d never been somewhere so insistently decorated with them. The Columbia Restaurant up there was the most glorious example[1][2], but there were cool paving stones and neat little tricks with brickwork and moulded cement and mosaics all over the place. St. John’s may be known for colour, but it’s not known for patterns or textures. We look just plain boring compared to some of the neighbourhoods down there.

Anyways. I’m not to the point yet of room-wrapping mosaic pieces[3], but I would like to try my hand at some flat things to put on walls. Probably some small pieces, to start… they can be my new product at this year’s Fresh Fish. We shall see how it goes.

[1] Best. Mojitos. Ever. The pitcher came with sugar cane pieces stuck in it!

[2] Actually, that whole building is a work of art. Not just for the tiles, but for the stained glass, the woodwork, the archways, the balconies, the metalwork… Anything that could be carved was carved, and everything that couldn’t be carved was tiled or textured or painted something bright.

[3] Although if I get one excuse to do a staircase like the one above…