I am slooowly surfacing from a cold. It started Wednesday with a little sniffle and some chills, deteriorated rapidly overnight to gushing fountains of snot and long hours of shivering, hung on fiercely on Friday with some mild sniffle and a lot of cough, and is finally letting up today.

Haven’t spent much time in the studio as a consequence… today it was just enough time to put the finishing touches on some special orders, and that was it. Tomorrow I’ll try to get some more things done, and maybe mix up some reclaim clay while I’m at it. I have a prototype request for the “whore the shop out to tourists” campaign the boss lady is planning, and I need more clay.


I’ve spent the past few days curled up in bed under a pile of blankets and cats. There’s been a horrible death flu going around at work[1], and I finally started showing symptoms Wednesday, so I haven’t been anywhere near the studio in ages.

Before I got struck down, though, I got some enthusiastic ooh and aaahs over the cupped bowls, so I’m feeling happier about them. I also managed to trim the big bowl (I’m kinda surprised, but very relieved, that it fit on the giffin grip) and a few little dessert ones. I’ll get to inlaying the bugs on Tuesday, I hope.

[1] There are four people in the entire building still standing. No, really. And one of them only escaped by being in Boston when the contagion first started spreading; I’m expecting her to go down too pretty soon.