Crewelwork Dinosaurs

I was poking around the internet on my lunch break today, and came across this post about a new book of dinosaur art. (Well, it’s less about dinosaur art and more about current ideas of what dinosaurs may have looked like, and the processes scientists use when they’re speculating about that kind of stuff. Still totally the coolest thing I saw all day.) Now I want to do a series of plates or tiles or something incorporating sgraffito and stamps and crewelwork and feathers and birds and dinosaurs.

We shall see. Perhaps that will be my Christmas present to myself: some time spent playing with dinosaurs.

Christmas Dinosaurs!

Dinornaments coming soon to Model Citizens and the Anna Templeton Centre’s Tea and Sale. Available beasties will be brontosaurus, triceratops[1], and raptor (or possibly it’s a deinonychus… it’s hard to tell with that cookie cutter). I’m also making some hearts, because I’m a sap and I figure lots of other people are, too.

Still undecided about how (or if) to glaze them. Last year I made a bunch as presents; I just slapped some pink underglaze on the unstamped sides of the hearts, and painted little hearts on the dinosaurs. I may do that again, but in red, since I have it kicking around. And maybe some of the dinos can be all red or green… we’ll see.

[1] May not have existed! First they demote Pluto from planethood, then they tell me my favourite dinosaur might just be a juvenile version of something else. I don’t know what the world is coming to…