Glaze Test: Surf

I had a new glaze variation in my last kiln firing!


Not sure exactly where I came across this formula, so apologies for the lack of attribution, but here it is in case anyone else wants to play with it:

Cone six, opaque matte.

34 nepheline syenite
16 dolomite
7 calcium carb
18 epk
5 zinc oxide

The original recipe says to add 2 bentonite, 0.5 copper carb, and 1 cobalt carb. I’ve never actually seen what that looks like; the pieces up there have 2 bentonite and 1 copper carb, which gives that greenish greyish not-quite turquoise. The only other version I’ve tried had 2 bentonite, 0.5 cobalt, and 1 copper carb, and that gave a very muted, greyish blue that could go very slightly bright sky blue where it pooled.

I discovered it crawls like crazy if you apply it thick with my clear over top, but that’s not unusual. I’ll just slap it on thinner next time.

Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Just back from a week off. Eliu, he of the tricksy urinary tract, started peeing normally Saturday evening. By Monday, he was still at it, so I asked my mom to cat-sit and took off for the hills of Amherst Cove after all.

I hiked down to the university with my pack and my knitting and some pots and clothes and books, and boarded the DRL bus out to Clarenville. Got off at the Irving, bought Road Trip Food[1], and munched on that until my friend Jason showed up to drive me the rest of the way up the peninsula. Had a lovely few days hanging out with him and his friend Cheryl. Got to do such out-of-the-city things as stack wood and admire potato patches and kick around beaches and help with house renos.

Also, I got to make and fire my very first raku pieces. The clay studio I started out in has offered a few raku workshops over the years, but I’ve always been scheduled for a shift at the day job, so I’ve never been able to take them. And I’ve helped Jason fire a few odds and ends of his own work, but that’s really not the same as doing your own stuff. So this was a great treat. I even got to test my theory that my underglazes will be both okay and reasonably true to colour in raku (provided they’ve been bisqued beforehand).

These two came out more or less as expected:




And these two got very little reduction, which gave them lots of greenish bits. But given the vegetal and oceanic business happening there, I think it suits the pieces pretty well.




[1] Pepperoni sticks. There are no other circumstances under which I will eat pepperoni sticks. They are, in most contexts, perfectly vile things. On the road? They’re excellent.





I was glazing this week, and felt like cracking out the greyscale crewelwork idea I was playing around with last spring. Here it is again… This time the footrim on the bowl is different… a little more elegant, and much fancier-looking. I brushed on the black outline rather than use the squeeze bottle; this gave me less splooginess in the line, but I think I should have gone over it a second time. Up close, the black looks washed out next to the grey infill, which got two coats.

And I used a matte turquoise glaze on the inside instead of underglaze and glossy clear. I put the matte right around the rim, to see what it looks like dripping down over the design on the outside. Can’t say I like it that much. I think I’d much prefer the colour firmly on the inside, and only greys and black on the outside.