Stog: v DC ~ Nfld ([1836], 1937) for sense 1; cp EDD v1 2 ‘to surfeit with food’ W for sense 3; OED v2 1, EDD v1 1 Bk Ha So D Co for sense 4. 
   1 To fill the chinks in a log-house with moss; to insulate a house; CHINSE. 
   2 To block or clog an aperture; STOP v. 
   3 To fill completely. 
   4 To be stuck in boggy ground or snow. 

You can check the entry over at the Dictionary of Newfoundland English for usage examples. In this case, I am using it in its third sense. (That one empty shelf has a pile o’ mugs on it now.)


In gardening news, I got my fall bulb order! Squee! I expanded the existing flower bed and put in phlox, a bleeding heart, two geranium roots, and scattered clumps of tulips, daffodils, crocus, and glory of the snow. I still have some daffs and a bleeding heart left; they’ll be put in the back yard somewhere. Probably under the tree my hammock is in. And that’ll be it for flower-related stuff until probably June or so. There will be some spaces to fill in the bed, but I haven’t decided yet what I want to put in there. I’ll just wait and see how much space the existing things take up and make a decision later.


Most of my gardening aspirations have been food-related, but I’ve been feeling an itch lately for some frivolity, too. There’s a small patch of lawn at the front of the house, and I’ve been picturing it covered in flowers. I’ve got some seeds for lupins, foxgloves, and nicotiana that could be started soon. And the Vesey’s bulb catalogue just came in the mail, so now of course I’m obsessing over tulips and daffodils and crocuses and lily of the valley andandand…



Got a new card reader, so you get a picspam post today.

First, that third cephalopot glaze test is out of the kiln. Here’s the three of them together:


I like the one on the end the most. May bring the fluxes back down a wee bit, though; it’s a tad runny.

And here are those tea bowls, all finished:


I didn’t have my notebook with me when I made them, and accidentally used a third less clay than usual. They came out the same size, though, or very near… I knew my throwing skills had improved over the last year, but I didn’t think there was *that* much of a difference. Cripes.

The hoya in the studio is in bloom. It’s the same cultivar as my grandmother’s, who got hers from a cutting off her mother’s plant, which started as a cutting from the hoya in the garden in Indonesia. The smell always reminds me of my Oma.


Aaaaand, last but not least, cephalopot cream and sugar set!




Might even out the size of the tentacles in later incarnations. Or I might just leave ’em all different. We’ll see.

Studio in Bloom


I have no idea what this plant is, but it’s been in bloom for the past week or so. Studio folklore says varieties exist in red, pink and white, but all the ones in Newfoundland are orange because they’re all cuttings (of cuttings of cuttings etc.) from this one plant someone brought here from South Africa.

In other news, you know it’s spring when you can’t leave pots out overnight and find them dry enough to trim the next day. The humidity shot up like crazy today, and will probably stay pretty high for a while. We’ve hit the rainy time of year.[1]


I really had some momentum going on the Fresh Fish prep…

[1] It’s not actually warm enough for anyone to call it spring. Besides, it’s only early April. It might still snow a few times.[2]

[2] You have no idea how much I wish I were joking.