Annual Members’ Exhibit

The Craft Council’s Annual Members’ Exhibit is coming up! The feeding frenzy opening starts at 2:00 on Saturday, and there is some reeeeally cool stuff in there. (My piece got left out, but honestly, I’m okay with that. It would have been kind of embarassingly piddly compared to the other work in the show.)

Come one, some all!


There’s a call for entry out now for the Craft Council Gallery’s spring show. Deadline for entries is April 26th.

“The Craft Council Gallery invites you to create works reflecting on the theme of BLUE. Explore the range of water’s colour, its reflective qualities and/or the ecology and politics of water. Functional, decorative, conceptual, fine and funky works will be chosen on the basis of excellence in technique, design and use of materials as well as connection to the theme.”

I’ve been waffling back and forth about what to make. Right now, it’s the “ecology” option that’s playing around in my brain. I’ve been thinking of ways to make giant bowls, possibly with pedestals, inspired by sea urchins and jellyfish and tentacley things. Possibly porcelain. Very probably not actually blue in colour, so possibly not fitting in with the rest of the submissions for this particular show, but I’d still like to try my hand at some of these.

Comfort and Joy

The Craft Council Gallery’s annual Christmas show, Comfort and Joy, opens tomorrow. Two rooms of beautiful, fun, elegant craft by a veritable oodle of artists. Opening time is an hour earlier than usual, at 1:00, presumably to account for all the extra food people tend to bring to this one. My famous whipped shortbread cookies will be on offer. (And a teapot.) Come on down!

Come All Ye!

Anyone who remembers the first Come All Ye show[1], by Cara Kansala, Pam Dorey, and Caroline Clarke is in for a treat this weekend: their new show, “Come All Ye: Second Verse”, is opening at the Craft Council Gallery this Saturday. It is amazing. (And, if the crowd reaction is anything like it was last time, will be sold out by the end of its first week. Come with your wallets ready and your elbows sharpened if you’re planning on taking a piece home.)

And next door in the annex gallery, the lovely and talented Roz Ford will have her first solo show! It’s not all hung up yet, so I can’t blab too much, but it’s looking wonderful. Roz is a biologist in her non-artsy time, and this show is inspired by her work with birds. The room is filling up with puffins, kittiwakes, and murres, and by the time Saturday rolls around, going into the room will feel like visiting a seabird colony.

And if you’re not in town, you can also catch Roz’s work at the Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts, where she has *another* show opening soon. There’ll even be an artist talk Sept. 1st, at 7:00.

[1] And everyone else, too.


Two shows are starting at the CCNL gallery this Saturday: Pots and Potpourri, by Toby Rabinowitz, and Teacups and Mink, by sisters Bonnie Leyton and Leanne Averbach.

The first is a mix of clay, paintings, and ink. The other is another mix, with poetry thrown in (Leanne is an author) to boot.

The feeding frenzy grand opening will be from 2-4 pm.


St. Michael’s Printshop (72 Harbour Drive, up the rickety stairs from the Eastern Edge Gallery) is having its first Annual Members’ Exhibition February 20th to March 6th 2010.

Opening reception will be Saturday, February 20th, 3-5PM. Spread the word! Come see the cool stuff!

Reigning Cats and Dogs/Migrations

That Vicky Northey/Pauline Stockwood show is starting tomorrow at the CCNL (59 Duckworth Street, second floor), annex gallery. Come one, come all! The feeding frenzy opening will be from 2-4, and there are many neat clay thingies to look at.[1][2]

In the main gallery, there’s a show by Susan Furneaux, Di Dabinett, Heather Reeves, and Rachel Ryan. They’re all textile superstars in the province’s craft community, so you know that’s gonna to be good.

[1] I especially like the three-footed dog mugs; they look like a cross between a setter, a lion from a medieval manuscript, and a decapitated amputee griffon. But cute.

[2] Mind you, the teapot with the eyelashes creeps me out a little.


There’s a new art group in town, the Pick-Me-Up Art Collective. All the members are recent graduates from the fine arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, and they rock. Check out their website for an idea of what they’re up to.

Their opening show and official Launch is happening tomorrow, September 12th, at the Wild Lily Dance Centre (163 Water Street, St. John’s, NL) from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Head on out and give these fine young folk some attention. And maybe some money!

Come and See!

Jason Holley, chainmailler extraordinaire, has a show opening in the CCNL gallery tomorrow. Come one, come all, and enjoy the free food and cool raku sculptures.

From the CCNL website:
“Breaking Point: Jason Holley
A show of chainmaille-inspired creations that investigate our social links.

Jason Holley draws on his experience as a jeweller and a sculptor to create works that probe human connections. “Communities, relationships, families” Jason points out, “are so important and always breaking down and repairing somewhat.” Holley takes pleasure in rich surfaces and forms that suggest the complementary opposites of strength and weakness. His work is a potent reminder of the old expression, “we are only as strong as our weakest link.””

Opening food frenzy reception starts at 2:00.