I seem to be falling waaay behind in my blogging this month. Bad blogess; no cookie.

I’ve been spending all my free time in the studio, but most of it’s been as a volunteer, not working on my own things. So there hasn’t been a lot of progress done there. I am, however, one day away from really totally definitely finishing up the work for the wholesale show.

Even the folding business cards, which have cost me a month of frustration. (Next time, I’m asking my husband to do this stuff. He knows stuff about graphic design. And doesn’t end up screaming at the computer, wanting to hit things after an hour of Things Not Going Right.)

Oh, and the last of the Small Comforts sold today! A man came into the shop to buy some earrings, and mentioned seeing “some interesting little teapots” in the gallery a few weeks ago. He wanted to know if the show was still up. (Technically, no, it was being packed up, but the door was open today for just such customers.) He bought my favourite one: the round one with the feet, the swirly spout and the tall swirly lid.