Glaze Tips

1. Don’t lick the spoon.
2. For even application, dip. For possibly even, and possibly uneven, application, pour. Brush only when absolutely necessary (or creating a streaky aesthetic).
3. Test tiles are your friends.
4. When you leave the studio for your lunch break and see something on your clothing, it is almost definitely not spilled sauce/dressing/yumminess. Do not lick it off.
5. Label every bucket, both on the side and on the lid.
6. When putting the lids back on the buckets, make sure the labels match.
7. Respirators are even better friends. Gloves should be cosied up to as well.
8. Wash all tools both before and after use, lest you contaminate your glazes and/or your work.
9. No, really; you’d be amazed what can be missed with the first wash.
10. Buy sturdy tongs. Never lick them.
11. Epsom salts are magical and cheap.