I’ve had a lot of flight imagery coming up in the last year or so. Absurd, silly flight. The kind of flight a butterfly has: veering off all over the place and only vaguely in control. It occured to me that while Robot has attempted flight many times and many ways, it has never succeeded. It probably never will.

Raincoat Girl and the Flying Fish, on the other hand, fly all the time with the greatest of ease.

I think all the changes in the last year–going to NCECA, having more succesful craft fairs, getting picked up by more shops, even the move from the cupboard to the side studio–have made me more optimistic about my business. (And more harried, and definitely more hustled. But in a good way.)

They’re already taking over the world; why not my brain, too?

I was halfway through an order of Viking mugs yesterday. Today I’m only a quarter done.

I was carrying them over to the wheel for trimming, and jostled the board they were on when I put it down. All the mugs fell over; after sorting through the wreckage I saw half of them had dents. I cursed a bit. But then figured, hey, why not make the best of it? The dented ones got banged around a bit more, to give them a squared rim, and are now decorated with fishies and —why not?–jellyfish.

I’m particularly pleased with the squiggle handles. Not sure if I’m going to sell them or keep them for myself. I’m in the habit of keeping the first of every new idea. But my cupboards aren’t getting any bigger…