Swallowed Up

The studio has swallowed me whole. I haven’t seen friends, I haven’t been gardening, I haven’t lounged in my hammock. I have made pots and tiles, and carved and drawn and brushed and dipped and sponged the things until they were some semblance of satisfying. And there is more work yet to do. 


There’s a late wholesale order to finish off (soooo close!), and the annual folk festival to get ready for. I’ve got three kiln loads to squeeze in, somehow, between the day job and sleep and helping out with festival set-up. Which I found out out this afternoon starts Thursday, not Friday, so I’VE LOST A WHOLE DAY ARGH. 


I have one glaze firing now. If my greenware is dry enough tomorrow, I can bisque it. And I can spend Wednesday morning glazing, and Wednesday afternoon/evening firing.


It will probably be okay.