I’ve been trying to upload pics of the Robot mugs and Viking wine cups for a few days, but it’s not letting me. Not sure if it’s a WordPress issue or a myrouterhasanattitudeproblem issue. Will try from a different computer later on today.

Anyway. Colours came out just the way I wanted them to (except for one mug with pink slip, which turned white during firing… time to fiddle with the recipe, methinks), the designs look nice and sharp, and everything is lovely and shiny.

The only downside to this firing is that my big dandelion bowl came out with deep blue fingerprints on one side. Someone (probably me) got cobalt on it, and I’m kinda pissed off about it. Oh well. Someone will pick it up at the Seconds Sale this weekend, and it will be off my hands. At least the colours came out the way they were supposed to, so I know what to do if I make another.


This has been the month of commissions. A shaving bowl, a casserole, a butter dish. A possible new line of mugs. A mug for my brother’s birthday and a big serving bowl for my mom’s birthday.

Today I got to settle back into production mode. The old familiar boards full of mugs. Crowds of them, but each one just a little bit different. Thinner or thicker bottoms, taller or shorter rims, curves in different places. I think the day they all look the same is the day I give up making them.


I am slooowly surfacing from a cold. It started Wednesday with a little sniffle and some chills, deteriorated rapidly overnight to gushing fountains of snot and long hours of shivering, hung on fiercely on Friday with some mild sniffle and a lot of cough, and is finally letting up today.

Haven’t spent much time in the studio as a consequence… today it was just enough time to put the finishing touches on some special orders, and that was it. Tomorrow I’ll try to get some more things done, and maybe mix up some reclaim clay while I’m at it. I have a prototype request for the “whore the shop out to tourists” campaign the boss lady is planning, and I need more clay.

Kiln Update

It fired off okay. (And there was, as suspected, a second blown element.) The cephalopots all came out beautifully. The bug stuff wasn’t as blue as usual, probably because it’s a new batch of glaze and sometimes crap happens[1], but everyone else seems to think it’s pretty so I’ll stop being picky and accept it.

Everything was very hastily packed up and delivered to INTRD on my lunch break, still slightly warm. I have no more deadlines to worry about for a few days.

It’s a nice feeling.

[1] The blue drips were a complete and utter surprise when they first happened. I didn’t get any on my early test tiles, or on the first firing, and then one day my glaze turned very drippy and blue and busy. I was heartbroken, because it wasn’t what I wanted at *all*, but I’ve gotten so used to it that seeing it disappear was actually a bit of a disappointment. Clearly, I need to decide what I want. (And go over my glaze notes. There’s got to be *something* different this time…)

Um. Oh my.

That glaze firing? It’s still going. That thing’s been on high since midnight.


I’m wondering if there’s more than one element blown or something. (And if so, how it will affect my very Mustbedonebydeadlinewhichistomorrowy pots…)

EDIT: It just went off now, at 11:30 pm. I’ll get to see how it all went tomorrow on my lunch break.


I aten’t ded.

I aten’t even that cold, now that the shiny new not-cracked windows are in place and there is insulation in at least one wall of the studio. Yay!

Today I put together some teapots and threw some bowls:

I’ve decided that lids with knobs are too boring for the spider pots, and have started making them little witchy hats instead.

I also got to play around with hazardous materials:

But I will tell you about it in another post, because I am tired, it is late, and I have to get up early tomorrow.



Plain ol’ production teapots tonight. Vaguely reassuring to go back to ’em. Changed the lid design so you don’t have to hold them on when you pour, and the body’s a bit bigger than the early ones.

Also, some mugs and cream & sugar sets. Christmas is looming.



Finished the last touches on a half dozen cream and sugar sets today. Between the giffin grip and some tweaks to the inlay technique[1], it took about an hour and a half less than it would have a few months ago.

I’m pretty darn happy about that.

[1] There is an ideal dryness for the pots being decorated, and an ideal wetness for the clay being mushed into the designs, and I think I’ve found it. Fairly dry pot, and very, very wet clay.