The supports for my shelves came in the mail. They will be up on the painted walls later on today, and I will have Room For Stuff. It will be excellent. (Others will have to wait for me to finish painting the laundry room, but that;s okay. That’ll be done soonish.)


In other news, remember that cat I adopted a few months ago? Margery has had a very difficult time adjusting to life with two other cats in the house. She has very gradually been getting used to them, but was still getting into fights and showing angry, frightened, or stressful behaviour. It was pretty clear that, while she could eventually come to accept living with other cats, she would never be truly happy or comfortable around them.


She’s been farmed out to some good friends in Amherst Cove. She loves living with them–in fact, her first night in their house, she didn’t stop purring–and they are happy to have a small happy fuzzy cuddly thing in their lives. 




Here’s the paint job so far. The door needs another coat, the bottom trim still needs to be done, and I want the inside of the closet to be one shade or the other of blue. And the green could use a third coat in places. Other than that, the ex=bedroom half of the studio is almost ready to go… Just need some shelves and a floor.