I planted some of my tomatoes outside in the back yard today. It was grey and cold this morning, but warmed up to 18 degrees by mid-afternoon, and it’s supposed to be warm for a few days, so I’m risking it. There will probably be some cold nights later on this week, but I’m hoping row covers and bottles of hot water will suffice to keep the tomatoes happy. I kept some indoors as a reserve, in case I did put these guys out too early after all.


Also, decided not to let the space between the strawberry rows go to waste[1], and put in some beet and carrot seeds. We shall see what happens with that.



In clay news, I’m starting work on my submission to Hot Mud, which is nervous-making, but also fun and exciting.

[1] It’s only their first year! Surely they won’t need it.


The last glaze firing before the Sin City Crafters Handmade Market is ramping up now. Only another few hundred degrees to go, then I get to unload it tomorrow, and haul everything down to Rocket Bakery. Mostly Robots, and a few new tiles. (What with gallery work, I haven’t had the chance to make any new cephalopots since Christmas.)

The fair is part of the May Day Craft Weekend; an extravaganza of sales and open studios and demos. You can find the full list of events here.

Next week, the plan is to:
Make production stock for shops
Glaze gallery teacups like crazy
Make some planters for my tomatoes.

I have had my tomato plants for about a week now, and they are even flowering, and I would feel quite guilty about not having them potted up in nice big containers and set free out on the back step, but then it started snowing. And it has not really stopped. And it is probably a good thing for my tomato plants to still be wee sheltered things indoors in the warm. But they will very soon need more rootspace.